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Club news: RACE’s AvisApp tells your loved ones "I've arrived safely"

Publication date: 20 January 2017

The Royal Automobile Club of Spain (RACE) has launched AvisApp an application that enables travellers to notify selected people of their safe arrival at a destination. A main use of mobile phones in vehicles is to contact one’s relatives but this behavour can distract the driver and cause road accidents.

AvisApp is designed to send the default message “I have arrived OK” to selected recipients. The AvisApp helps eliminate the necessity for drivers to use their mobile devices while driving and reduce the risk of suffering an accident caused by distracting messages from worried relatives. It has been embraced by the Spanish public and with 16.7 million road trips throughout Spain, RACE believes AvisApp would help reduce the number of accidents.

AvisApp is available to the public both android and IOS format. Once installed, the user must configure the location settings, the arrival message content and the list of recipients for arrival notification. In addition to these free functions, Avisapp also includes some important additional features for users who are members of RACE, such as the SOS RACE tool.

The development of AvisApp reinforces RACE’s commitment and future devotion to road traveling and road safety.

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