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Periodical Technical Inspections discussed with Commissioner Kallas at Transport Committee

Publication date: 18 September 2012

A new European Commission package which has the aim of improving road safety and tackling mileage fraud was discussed at the European Parliament Transport Committee on 17 September 2012 with the EC Vice President and Commissioner responsible for Transport, Siim Kallas. 


On 13 July 2012, the European Commission put forward the ‘Roadworthiness Package’. The package aims at establishing a single European area for technical inspections and has implications for both road safety and mileage fraud.


Mr Kallas highlighted the road safety gains that the European Commission expects the proposed package to bring about. According to Commissions’ figures, technical faults cause 6% of car accidents and 8% of accidents involving powered-two wheelers. That being the case, the package sets up new minimum standards for testing and inspections, increases the frequency of checks for older/ high mileage cars, and introduces compulsory checks for powered two wheelers. MEPs broadly welcomed the introduction of common minimum standards throughout Europe and the expected road safety benefits.


Mathieu Grosch MEP raised the issue of mileage fraud as a major European problem of concern, and invited the Commission to examine the Belgian CAR PASS system to tackle this behaviour. His statement was supported by Jim Higgins MEP.


Work is due to start shortly within the committees in charge of the proposal, while the relevant rapporteurs should be nominated this week.


FIA Region I is calling on the European Parliament and Commission:


• On Road Safety, to review the need for a higher frequency of testing. Since the cause of accidents may include human as well as technical factors, the driver’s age needs to be taken into account when calculating the road safety benefits of the proposal.


Any increased frequency of testing, given the associated increase in costs to the consumer, must only be introduced after the safety benefits are seen to clearly outweigh the cost.


• On Mileage Fraud, to accelerate the setting up of a European electronic platform to facilitate the exchange of vehicle related data, while addressing the fact that most vehicles are tampered with before their first PTI, when they still appear relatively new.


In addition, the FIA supports moves to make the manipulation or tampering of an odometer an offence in all Member States (which is not currently the case), while encouraging manufacturers to make tampering more difficult from a technical point of view.




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