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One million Dutch school pupils are now streetwise

Publication date: 13 December 2012

Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB has reached a milestone. Since the programme’s launch in 2006, ANWB Streetwise – the club’s road safety awareness programme – has made one million kids “streetwise”. Six ANWB Streetwise teams of professional instructors work nationwide to teach some 200,000 children each year.

ANWB Streetwise offers hands-on road safety education, aimed at primary school pupils aged between 4 and 12. Divided over different age groups, kids are given age-specific awareness training.

Six teams of professional instructors and trained volunteers work 170 days a year to educate school kids. To ensure that the programme is as realistic as possible, the Streetwise teams use both electrical and conventional cars, zebra crossings and traffic lights.

ANWB Streetwise is a visible and concrete concept, testifying to ANWB’s key role in improving children’s road safety.

Watch the short video of the celebration of one million Streetwise children:

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