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Club News: ÖAMTC raises connectivity and road pricing to MEPs

Publication date: 12 November 2014

On 5 November, the Austrian Automobile Club, ÖAMTC, invited key decision-makers for a networking dinner, during which it presented its position on connectivity and road pricing. MEPs, representatives of the Austrian government in Brussels and Parliament assistants attended the event to learn more.

In terms of connectivity, the Club highlighted the importance of open, secure telematics networks, especially in the run up to the eCall negotiations that have just begun in Trilogue with the Commission, Parliament and Permanent Representations. As far as road pricing was concerned, the Club emphasised the heavy taxes that motorists already pay in regards to fuel and congestion charges. They advised policymakers to think of all possible alternatives before considering additional road pricing. MEPs are especially keen to hear from national constituents and coming to Brussels to meet with them creates an ongoing dialogue and opens doors. During the meeting, FIA Region I’s work was also presented to the decision-makers.

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