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European Consumers pay the price when there is no harmonised market for visible vehicle spare parts

Publication date: 22 May 2014

On 21 May, the European Commission withdrew its proposal for a Repair Clause in the Design Directive 98/71/EC. This move is deeply regrettable, as the Repair Clause would have set the EU on the path to an open market for visible automotive replacement parts throughout the Internal Market.

“The adoption of a European Repair Clause should be the way forward to ensure the sound functioning of a competitive Internal Market. It would benefit consumers and European businesses alike. Studies have shown, such a clause would only benefit the economy, safety and motorists,” said Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General.

While eleven Member States have, so far, liberalised national markets for visible spare parts, the majority of European motorists still pay a high prices to replace visible spare parts such as rear-view mirrors or bumpers. The FIA will continue to give input to the debate and urge the Commission to reconsider, with the aim to safeguard European motorists’ right to safe, sustainable and affordable mobility.




About visible spare parts for vehicles
A monopolistic situation still exists in some Member States on visible vehicle spare parts (such as bumpers or hubcaps). This leads to higher repair costs for consumers. A number of countries have liberalised their markets for visible spare parts, which proved to have a positive cost reduction both for consumers and for European parts manufacturers. However, a final decision at European level is still pending. Therefore FIA Region I supports a liberalised aftermarket for visible spare parts so that motoring can remain affordable for consumers.

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Andrea Campbell
Communications Manager, FIA Region I
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