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Club news: No Pokémon Go while driving, says AA South Africa

Publication date: 28 July 2016

The Automobile Association of South Africa (AA) has released a statement warning Pokémon Go players not hunt for Pokémon creatures while behind the wheel. While not officially available in South Africa yet, Pokémon Go has arrived in the country, and people are already playing the popular game.


The statement read, “The need for players to be completely engaged with their screens is cause for concern, and the AA joins local and international road safety campaigners in calling for caution while playing.”


The AA said reports are already coming in from other countries where people have been involved in crashes as Pokémon Go players have not been focussing on the road.


Distracted driving, and walking, remains a problem in South Africa with too many people using their mobile devices while they should be concentrating on the core activity they are involved in.

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