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Club news: NAF’s tells motorists to “battle against time” wasted in traffic jams

Publication date: 08 September 2015

Norges Automobil-Forbund (NAF) is setting the agenda for the upcoming elections for a focus on traffic problems and solutions. NAF launched the campaign “Kampen om tiden”, or “The battle against time”, on 31 August. The main target group for the campaign is families with children. A recent survey by NAF shows that families with children are less flexible and more dependent upon their car than other segments in the population. They tend to have more complicated travel patterns that include stops at kindergartens, shopping, recreational activities, etc.

“Kampen om tiden” focus on why time disappears in traffic and how this time loss can be minimised. NAF’s goal is to present different solutions to reduce traffic jams in Norway, with a focus on park and ride-solutions, public transportation, carpooling, bicycling, flexible working hours, etc. They also focus on the socioeconomic cost of the traffic jams in and around our largest cities.


The campaign will end with a bold experiment on 22 September, where NAF will aim to convince 600 motorists to find an alternative method for their commute. If successful, this decrease in vehicles should be enough to remove the queues from Norway’s busiest highway, E18 west of Oslo, during rush hour.

More aobut Kampen om tiden (in Norwegian)


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