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Club news: NAF sends a warning about using non-studded winter tyres all year

Publication date: 01 April 2015

Norges Automobil-Forbund (NAF) warns their members about the year-round use of non-studded winter tyres and believes it is the right time for a ban. Even though it is easy to change the tyres and does not cost much, many Norwegians use their non-studded winter tyres throughout the year. But using them during summer can be dangerous. NAF believes that a ban on non-studded winter tyres in summer should be discussed.


NAF recommends changing a car's tyres after Easter. “The non-studded winter tyres are supposed to be used in cold conditions. They have softer rubber and the braking distance is much longer when driving on wet roads in the summer. It could easily be a directive that drivers must have summer tyres in summer. It is dangerous to use non-studded winter tyres especially on a rainy summer day. Heat is the worst enemy for winter tyres.” says Giske Eggen, General Manager of NAF, Bergen area.

Read the article here (in Norwegian)

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