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Multilingual Questionnaire on Ecodriving

Publication date: 10 November 2011

The ECOWILL consortium (Ecodriving Wide-spread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers) on ecodriving (spanning over 13 European countries), has published a questionnaire designed to assess drivers' knowledge and acceptance of ecodriving principles, as well as their willingness and readiness to undertake ecodriving training courses.

The results of this questionnaire will help inform the consortium for the next steps in the project when ECOWILL aims at delivering a massive roll-out of short duration ecodriving training courses throughout Europe to both learner drivers and those with licenses.

To take the questionnaire (available  in 14 languages - with Dutch to be added shortly), visit:

Ecodriving is on the environmental agenda of most governments and international institutions, but few road users today have actually ever received ecodriving training. In most countries, being familiar with the principles of eco-driving is simply not a requisite to obtain a driving license.

The five golden rules of ecodriving include:

 • Anticipating the traffic flow;

• Maintaining a steady speed at low RPM;

• Shifting gears up early;

• Checking tyre pressure regularly, and;

• Refraining from using extra energy by using air conditioning and other electrical equipment wisely.

For a more in-depth explanation of these “golden rules”, and also a set of additional “silver rules” and tips, please visit the ECOWILL website:

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