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Club news: Motormännens sponsors road quality checks in Sweden

Publication date: 29 October 2015

In 2015, the Swedish Automobile Association, Motormännens, sponsored volunteer members to examine the quality of 920,000 km of the Swedish road network using new, cheap, precise and user-friendly technology. Each car was equipped with a smartphone and the innovative Roadroid-app which is using the smartphones built-in vibration sensor to measure the road texture. The phone's GPS then connects the data to the national road database and the data is uploaded to a map.


The data collected was recently presented in a paper. One of the key findings is that every county above Dalävlen, a river in mid-south Sweden, has poorer roads than any county south of the river. Another finding is a clear connection between road deaths and poor road quality.


In an elongated export country like Sweden a decent road standard is a precondition for an internationally competitive enterprise. For motorists, good roads reduce the risk of expensive damage to cars and the time wasted in reduced speed and impaired mobility.


The study resulted in high media interest and proved to be an effective way to put a good road standard on the media agenda. The Clubs carries out this project each summer and the work and collected material is an important component in the club's advocacy.

Download the paper

Go to the road quality map

Go to the road quality map per municipality

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