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FIA Region I advises Finnish industry and stakeholders on "Mobility as a service"

Publication date: 11 September 2015

On 17 September, FIA Region I’s Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard, and Microsoft CTO, Cindy Mar, were keynote speakers at a Mobility as a Service conference in Helsinki. During the event, start-ups, industries, authorities and transport users, represented by Autoliitto, discussed strategies for new mobility concepts.

Consumers today are looking for new, on-demand ways to get around. Operators and service providers are developing a new model to accommodate this request, "Mobility as a Service" or MaaS. Smart cities are driving the trend, with Finland being one of the countries showing the way. Finland has provided a platform where consumers can flexibly buy mobility services, whether it be tickets for public transport within the city, access to a carpool or a taxi ride.

Providing mobility as a service with trip information, ticketing and seamless multimodal solutions including car, bike, taxi and public transport will be emerging soon in cities throughout Europe. FIA Region I will, in cooperation with key stakeholders, work towards getting FIA Clubs included in this work. Automobile and Mobility Clubs can play a central role in providing these services and offering integrated mobility solutions to current and new members. Some Clubs are already involved in demonstrating MaaS concepts like ANWB with a chip card that can be used for public transport, taxis, and bikes. At the moment, both Sweden and the UK are demonstrating integrated mobility solutions. Some FIA Clubs are already involved in car rental, car sharing, city bike sharing, electric bike assistance, travel insurance, etc. These all could be integrated in a mobility package, which includes public transport, taxi, Uber and more in one card or one app.

This integrated vision of mobility as a service is at our doorstep and it is what consumers want. It is time to embrace the challenge and look at how your Club’s different offers can be integrated to give your members what they really want!

pdf Learn more about the Mobility as a Service model (163.2 KB)

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