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Mobility as a Service – making global use of Intelligent Transport Systems

Publication date: 16 June 2017

At the 2017 ITS European Conference, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) was a recurring theme on how intelligent transport systems can extend beyond national borders. MaaS puts all modes of transport together into one subscription: public transportation, shared cars and bikes, taxi rides and more. Beginning on a single city, the goal is to scale the subscription into national, international and, eventually, global subscriptions that allow citizens to travel seamlessly wherever they go.

Currently, transportation options are fragmented and uncoordinated. It can require a significant investment of time, effort and money to get to a destination. Meanwhile, consumers expect meals, shopping, music and entertainment on-demand, MaaS will offer a similar experience with transport.

FIA Region I Mobility Clubs are active in developing Mobility as a Service today. They are uniquely positioned in the market with services around mobility and also a strong identity in the market as trusted service providers of quality services. Clubs are currently working on MaaS pilots to trial different services, adapted to local markets. The FIA also participates in the MaaS Alliance, to develop a broad partnership of stakeholders to support the realisation of MaaS.

ITS will support the creation of Mobility as a Service through offering more accurate and useful data, upon which the services can be created. As MaaS aims to be a global service, the broad use and integration of transport systems across borders will need to be coordinated. A smart road infrastructure, underpinned by ITS and C-ITS technologies would support MaaS to deliver to consumers the best solutions for their mobility needs.

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