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Mileage fraud featured on French TV news

Publication date: 26 October 2016

On 23 October 2016, the French TV channel M6's programme Capital featured the second-hand car markets. The report included a mileage fraud demonstration held at the FIA Region I offices in Brussels. MEP Dominique Riquet (EPP, FR), Vice-President of the Transport Committee joined the demonstration.

In the programme, FIA Region I shows how easy it can be to change a car's mileage with simple tools and advocates for a technical solution to deter the tampering of car odometers.

MEP Dominique Riquet highlights the fraud being perpetrated on European consumers. The cost to the secondhand market is estimated to be between €5 and €10 billion per year according to the European Commission.

Watch the segment (in French)

See the FIA Region I campaign on mileage fraud awareness

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