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MEP’s vote for cleaner cars in Europe by 2020 as CO2 emissions targets are limited to 95g/km

Published on:17 December 2013

On 17 December, MEPs in the ENVI Committee approved legislation on limiting CO2 emissions in passenger cars. The agreement allows for a phase-in of the 95 g/km mandatory target, under which 95% of new cars will have to comply by 2020 and 100% by 2021. The FIA welcomes the decision by MEPs to retain relatively strict targets as, for a time, it seemed as though corporate interests were set to delay and derail this important legislation.


“We are very glad that this legislation seems finally to be moving in the right direction. The hesitation and delay was frustrating to watch, but I am pleased to see that MEPs did not allow corporate interests postpone direct benefits to the European consumers,” said Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General. He continued, “Now we urge all MEPs and Council Members to approve this important legislation.”


Although the FIA strongly supported the deal that was agreed in trilogue negotiations in June 2013, and urged its approval without delay or amendment, the compromise voted on today has kept many of the original legislation’s intensions.


Instead of a cap at 2.5g/km, ‘super-credits’, will be permitted from 2020 until 2022 and be capped at 7.5g/km. This change delays the real benefits of this legislation and may undermine the 95/g target.


For passenger car CO2 emissions targets to make a significant impact on lowering the cost of motoring, it is also necessary to implement the World Light Duty Procedure (WLTP) by 2017. It is clear that the growing gap between the measurement of emissions during type approval and the emissions in real-world use must be closed for consumers and the environment to truly benefit from lower emissions targets. 




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 Download the FIA Region I CO2 Briefing Paper (2.8 MB)


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