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MEPs increase truck safety by making cab design improvements mandatory

Publication date: 18 March 2014

The FIA welcomes the Transport Committee’s vote to bring about safer, more environmentally friendly trucks. As soon as the legislation enters into force, large vehicle and truck manufacturers will be able to improve the design of cabs. The new cabs will offer better visibility to drivers, protecting vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians. Greater streamlining of the cab will reduce CO2 emissions and improve the environmental record of these vehicles. Additionally, these design changes will be mandatory from 2022.

“We welcome today’s vote, where safety prevailed over other concerns. Thanks to this new design, urban areas will become safer with cleaner air in the coming years.” said FIA Region I Director General, Jacob Bangsgaard. He continued, “due to the slow renewal rate for truck fleets, we urge manufacturers to bring these new designs to market as soon as possible.”



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