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Meeting in Moscow to establish closer cooperation between Russian speaking Clubs

The first working meeting of the Russian-speaking Automobile Clubs of FIA Region I was held on 26 January 2012 in Moscow, at the headquarters of the Russian Automobile Federation (RAF). The meeting was organised by FIA Region I (which represents 104 Automobile Clubs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa) together with the RAF. In attendance were the Presidents of five member Clubs of FIA Region I: RAF (Russian Federation), ACAR (Russian Federation), BKA (Republic of Belarus), UAMK (Czech Republic) and UAB (Republic of Bulgaria). The Director General of FIA Region I, Jacob Bangsgaard, also took part in the meeting.

The meeting was opened by General Victor Kiryanov, Deputy Minister of Interior of the Russian Federation and RAF President, who said there was a growing need for closer cooperation between these Clubs, which are situated not just in one geographical region but also sharing one commonly used language - Russian. General Kiryanov welcomed the initiative of FIA Region I to bring these Clubs closer together and expressed his hope for good and fruitful cooperation in future. From his side, Mr Bangsgaard welcomed participants of the meeting and stressed that developing closer cooperation and the exchange of best practices between Clubs will be always supported by the FIA.

Dr Oldrich Vanicek, President of the UAMK (Czech Republic), presented the views of his Club on areas of potential future cooperation, stressing that the Clubs present were united by the same historical heritage and thus often sharing common issues and challenges for development. Mr Marek Hlavac, President of ACAR (Russia), Mr Raphael Musaev, President of BKA (Belarus), and Mr George Yanakiev, President of UAB (Bulgaria), also expressed their views on the future potential of the project.

Participants of the meeting exchanged views on the possible creation of a formal structure to coordinate links between the Clubs and agreed to establish a working group to elaborate more concrete plans for the project’s future development.

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