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The EU must implement the 2020 deadline for CO2 emmissions targets for cars

Published on: 3 October 2013

On Friday 4 October, the EU Competiveness Council will be voting on a package of compromises to the Commission proposal amending Regulation (EC) No 443/2009. This legislation defines the manner by which the 2020 target to reduce CO2 emissions in new passenger cars will be reached.


The FIA and BEUC – the European Consumer Organisation strongly support this Regulation because it is a much needed consumer protection measure.


Soaring fuel prices have been nightmarish for most European car drivers in recent times. By obliging car companies to reduce their fleet´s CO2 emissions, consumers will save hundreds of Euros at the petrol pump. As consumers depend on their cars to get to work or bring their kids to school, saving on fuel costs is essential.


The FIA and BEUC urge policy makers to stick to the deal that was agreed in trilogue negotiations on June 24, 2013 between the Irish Presidency, the European Parliament and the European Commission.


For consumers who consistently cite high fuel prices as a major concern, the unprecedented move in June to postpone an agreed deal has resulted in just one thing: delay. Now, common sense should prevail. Member States should finally show their support for the agreement reached back in June.


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