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ITS Advisory Group: Focus needs to be on services for the connected traveller

Publication date: 26 February 2013

The ITS Advisory Group chaired by the European Commission, with FIA and ADAC as members, met on 26 February to discuss the challenges ahead for the development of ITS deployment. Cooperative systems were the main topic of discussion and a number of speakers mentioned the connected traveller, and not the vehicle, as being at the centre of developments underway.


Co-operative systems are today struggling to find solid business cases for services, as up until now, the focus from the manufacturers’ side has been on the development of on-board platforms for the high-end car segment, and not on providing such services for the mass market on an open basis.


Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General, told the group that focus needs to be on services for the traveller and not on the development of services distributed by closed platforms. “There are already a number of low cost or free services available on the market and there will be even more in the future. We need to use the information and platforms that the consumer wants to use, and in an intelligent and safe way. There are many interesting initiatives on the table that could improve the safety and efficiency of the mobility sector but why not use the connectivity of the traveller today instead of developing new expensive solutions that might not be geared for the market of the future?" Mr Bangsgaard said.


Education, driver distraction, and privacy were among the issues discussed at the meeting. Julia Levasier, Head of Advocacy at ADAC, reminded the members that the handling of personal data is crucial for the protection of privacy and that the traveller must be in charge of when and how travel data is distributed to third parties.


The status of the pan-European eCall was also discussed by the group. The European Commission is working on finalising the type approval regulation and this work is expected to be ready in April 2013. See the FIA Region I briefing on eCall here.

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