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Club news: Iranian clergy called on to support road safety, TACI reports

Publication date: 04 March 2016

An initiative of the Road Safety Supporters Society (RSSS) in Iran called on Tehran mosques and religious figures to play a more active role in the efforts to improve road safety in the country. As part of the initiative on 2 March the organisation held a meeting with over 500 representatives from 500 mosques in the Iranian capital. The event aimed to promote the importance of improving road safety as well as the development of a culture of safe driving and responsible behaviour on the road.


The Touring and Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI)  joined the event along with officials from the Ministry of Roads and Transportation in Iran. The meeting stressed the importance of cooperation between different parties concerned with the improvement of road safety and reduction of road fatalities. The organisation reached out to the clergy and invited them to take an active stand on the issue and preach to the public, as the importance of preserving human life is emphasised in the Holy Quran.


RSSS is an Iranian national NGO, whose members are predominantly retired officials.




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