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iMobility Challenge survey: Users reaction to intelligent vehicle technologies

Publication date: 02 June 2014

In February 2014, the iMobility Challenge performed a large scale survey in five countries (the Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Finland) with 1,000 respondents per country in order to analyse drivers’ awareness, knowledge, experience and demand for intelligent technologies. The survey focused on the following available systems: eco-driving (eco-driving assistance), real-time traffic information, start-stop assistant, tire pressure monitoring system, speed alert and emergency braking.


Key results:

- The top three priorities for consumers are when buying a car are fuel consumption, safety and running cost, while CO2 emissions of the vehicle came last, very far behind other priorities

- Users have moderate awareness of new technologies, ranging from 41% for tire pressure monitoring system to 55% for autonomous emergency braking

- Respondents had little experience with new technologies, ranging from only 5% in the case of emergency braking to 19% for eco-driving assistance and start-stop assistant.

- The share of the users who indicated they would be willing to pay for a new technology or system ranged from 38% in case of start-stop assistant to 56% for emergency braking. Most users are willing to pay an additional cost of max. €200

- Most users have positive or neutral attitudes towards the new systems. More than half of them were willing to have speed alert, emergency braking or eco-driving in their next car


- Up to 60% of the respondents were willing to have real-time traffic information and tire-pressure monitoring system. For start stop-assistance the interest was lower, at 40%.

pdfRead the full report (1 MB)

About iMobility Challenge

iMobility Challenge is an EU funded project with the aim to demonstrate, promote and boost the deployment of ICT systems for energy efficient and sustainable mobility. In addition to promotion of ICT systems for energy efficient and sustainable mobility, iMobility Challenge carries out support studies to study the deployment status and impacts of the systems, to assess consumer awareness and demand and to obtain feedback from the users of the systems. iMobility Challenge is coordinated by the FIA in partnership with ACEA, CLEPA and VIT.





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