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iMobility Challenge Ambassador Timo Glock to test drive latest Cooperative Systems at ITF

Publication date: 16 April 2013

The iMobility Challenge will showcase the benefits of the latest cooperative systems for intelligent mobility at this year’s International Transport Forum on 22-24 May 2013 in Leipzig.

Racing driver Timo Glock has confirmed his participation in the demonstrations which will be aimed at government transport Ministers and other high level delegates attending the Forum.


Cooperative systems enable cars to communicate directly with the traffic infrastructure in place, allowing for more efficient journeys (in particular in urban areas), saving both fuel and energy.

With the support of BMW Group, the following cooperative and intelligent mobility solutions will be demonstrated:

  • Intermodal Routing (provides flexible journey options by combining individual guidance with real time traffic information about traffic jams or available public transport options);

  • Traffic Light Assistant (optimises speed and fuel consumption through in-vehicle information about traffic light phases);

  • Strategic Routing (makes navigation easier, more efficient and more adaptive through the integration of traffic management information in urban areas - for example, providing information on temporary closures or major events in the city).

The iMobility Challenge is a European funded project, led by the FIA. With the aim to accelerate the market take-up of clean, efficient and safe ITS solutions in Europe, the project explains, demonstrates and promotes new intelligent vehicle systems to both end-users and policy-makers.

For more information about the iMobility Challenge, and this event, please go here.

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