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Club news: UK mature drivers value independence and mobility, IAM reports

Publication date: 18 February 2016

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) revealed that the overwhelming majority of senior drivers want to continue driving as long as they are safely able to. In a publication named Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile IAM presented the findings of a survey amongst senior drivers which was commissioned by the Club.


According to the study, the most common reasons for the positive attitudes towards driving amongst seniors were independence and convenience. Despite their determination to keep driving, however, the majority of the participants were in favour of measures to increase their safety on the roads including re-testing and checking aspects of driver health and competence to remain behind the wheel.


Almost 60% said drivers should retake the driving test every five years after age 70, while 85% held the belief that drivers should pass an eyesight test every five years once they have reached 70. Mandatory medical examinations for drivers over 70 were supported by more than half of the respondents. Additionally, the largest share of surveyed drivers admitted they would consider giving up driving upon the advice of a health professional. The survey sample included more than 2,600 drivers and ex-drivers between the ages of 55 and 101.

Read more on IAM's website



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