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FIA sponsored Euro NCAP crash test calls into question vehicle safety in Latin America

Publication date: 13 February 2014

Latin NCAP has been performing crash tests on locally produced vehicles, with design and dimensions that are absolutely comparable European models. At the end of 2012, Latin NCAP tested the locally built Ford Ecosport, equipped with double front airbags.

In November 2013, Euro NCAP released the test results for the European version of the Ford EcoSport, the crash test vehicle sponsored by FIA Region I. The European version of the vehicle is produced in India. The results of the crash test were subsequently compared to crash test results of the same vehicle being sold in Latin America. Seeing the results side-by-side, cars produced in South America and India may have the same structure and performance, but they also have differences for child safety.

Different development teams in different parts of the world are producing cars that look the same, but without the same performance in safety. There were various reasons for these differences, sometimes due to cost or availability of materials, such as high-strength steel.

The work being done by Euro NCAP, and its international partners, is helping to increase awareness on the discrepancies in vehicle safety across different markets. For the FIA, it is important to continue to support the testing, in hopes that similar revelations can come to light in the future.

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