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FIA Region I Clubs meet at FIA Annual General Assembly 

Published on: 6 December 2013

From 2-6 December 2013, the FIA hosted its Annual General Assembly in Paris. As part of the meetings across the FIA, Region I and its Sub-Regions took the opportunity to assess activities in 2013 and look to future joint initiatives for 2014.


FIA Region I Extraordinary Plenary Assembly


On 4 December, FIA Region I Clubs held an Extraordinary Plenary Assembly, chaired by FIA Region I President, Thierry Willemarck, and attended by Club Presidents from throughout the Region. In addition to the approval of four new Clubs into the affiliation process to become members, the meeting also discussed a review of activities in 2013, projected activities for 2013 and policy priorities at EU level. Another key aspect of the meeting was explanation and approval of the new affiliation process for potential members.


COFO Regional Meeting


On 2 December, COFO Clubs discussed a central concern: how to attract new members. Some discussion surrounded improved mobility services as a method to boost membership. The development of a COFO section on the FIA Region I website was also presented as a new method by which COFO activities could be better highlighted and shared. COFO Clubs also expressed great interest in more activities that feature best practice and collaborative projects among Region I members.


ACTA Regional Meeting


On 2 December, the ACTA Clubs discussed the challenge of keeping up with rapid technological developments and a changing business environment. Delegates agreed that dealing with swift developments in technology requires clubs to stay informed. Following on from this theme, the delegates agreed that attracting members with new services through the exploitation of high-growth sectors can be a key to success. The ACTA Clubs also showed much potential for growth and expansion.


ACTAC Regional Meeting


On 2 December, ACTAC Clubs showed the progress made in a range of safety, governance and management projects undertaken over the past year. The ACTAC Management Workshop in Qatar was a particular success. It brought together specialists from across the region for the exchange of best practice and ideas on new membership and business models. Encouraging members to put forward new road safety projects ACTAC has launched a new Road Safety Research Scholarship to ensure that road safety remains a top priority.


NOCOF Regional Meeting


On 4 December, the NOCOF Clubs spoke about regional road safety concerns, including texting and driving, speeding and drink driving. Membership remains strong NOCOF clubs who are aiming to attract further members through the development of new services and targeting younger drivers.


More information and pictures from the FIA Annual General Assembly

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