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European Club Media Alliance meets in Brussels

Publication date: 25 September 2012

Delegates from 14 FIA Clubs attended the FIA Region I European Club Media Alliance (ECMA), held this week on 24 and 25 September 2012 at the FIA office in Brussels.


Over the course of day one of the meeting, speakers gave a wide-range of communication related presentations including an overview of the major trends underway in the media landscape, the latest social media developments, and the lobbying activities which make up such a large part of life in Brussels. FIA Region I President Werner Kraus opened proceedings while the CEO of Touring Club Belgium, Thierry Willemarck, gave his view on the major challenges facing FIA Clubs in the years ahead. Presentations will be made available on the private side of the website here.


On day two of the event, participants visited both the European Parliament and European Commission. Speakers included Mr Robert Fitzhenry, the Spokesperson for the EPP Group in the European Parliament, and Mr Pierpaolo Tona, a Project Officer in the European Commission working in the unit with responsibility for the introduction of the emergency call system Europe-wide.


With issues of real importance on road safety, the cost of motoring, and environmental protection now being taken at the European level, the ECMA yearly joint publication is a way for FIA Region I Clubs to present a common position on a particular issue of concern Europe-wide. Nine Clubs published the selected common article for 2012 on mileage fraud in their Club magazines, with Danish Club FDM winning an award for the best article of the year. The agreed joint publication article for 2013 is the introduction of the 3rd EU Driving Licence. The new EU rules aim to further harmonise European driving licences and will come into effect on 19 January 2013.


Next year’s ECMA event will be hosted by AMSS in Belgrade.

The meeting was held in the FIA Region I office in Brussels.

The winner of the 2012 joint publication went to FDM. Bo Christian Koch, Editor in Chief of Motor, is pictured here with FIA Region I President Werner Kraus as he collects the award.

On day two, participants visited the European Parliament and Commission.

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