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FIA African Clubs discuss road safety and development plan in Tanzania

The ACTA Learnership Programme, funded by the FIA Development Fund and coordinated by FIA Region I, kicked off on 8 April 2013 in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The event, hosted by AA Tanzania, was focused on supporting the work of ACTA Clubs on insurance and tourism, key elements of the ACTA Development Plan. Attendees included Nizar Jivani, President of AA Tanzania; Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of FIA Region I; Commander Mping, Head of Nation Traffic Police Department; and Ibrahim Mussa, Director of Tourism. 


Road Safety: Building on Boda Boda success story

The President of AA Tanzania welcomed all participants and thanked the FIA for their ongoing support. He explained the importance of Road Safety projects carried out in Tanzania both with regard to vulnerable road users and motorcycle taxi drivers. In the coming months, AA Tanzania intends to launch the “Get them Young” project in the context of the UN Road Safety Week.

Mr. Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of FIA Region I, said the FIA was fully committed to supporting the important road safety activities being carried out by African Clubs. He explained that the improvement of road safety in Africa is a combination of investment in infrastructure, education and proper safety equipment. He commended AA Tanzania for the efforts put into improving road safety measures and for the close cooperation they have built up with Police and Governmental bodies.


At the end of the opening ceremony, fifty Boda Boda riders came to show their gratitude to the FIA, AA Tanzania and the Tanzania Police department for the training of riders in the context of the Boda Boda project, through which more than 1,700 riders received training and were issued driving licences. Commander Mpinga explained that the training of Boda Boda drivers has achieved the following:

  • Riders now have an official driving licence;
  • Riders have been trained to be safe on the road;
  • Fatalities and deaths on the road have been reduced.

At the end of the ceremony, seventy nine new Boda Boda drivers were presented with their graduation certificates. From the venue of the event the delegates together with the Boda Boda riders drove to the Mbezi Primary School where a group of forty children were taught how to safely cross the street.


Development Plan: Tourism & Insurance


The ACTA Learnership Programme, coordinated by Gary Ronald from AA South Africa, benefited this year from two parallel sessions: one on tourism and one on insurance. These topics stem from work carried out by FIA Region I and African Clubs on an ACTA Development Plan and the formation of two Working Groups on tourism and insurance. The Chairman of the Tourism WG is Geoff Elske from AA South Africa and the Chairwoman of the Insurance WG is Zippy Musyimi from AA Kenya.

Director of Tourism, Mr Mussa gave a presentation on the importance of tourism for the Tanzanian state. The motto of the Tanzanian tourism effort is: “Tanzania, the land of Kilimanjaro, the Serengheti and Zanzibar”.  The Tourism session was attended by representatives from: EA911, Botswana; AA Uganda, AA Zimbabwe, AA Kenya, AA Namibia and AA Tanzania. Work agreed to be carried out by the Clubs include road and traffic information for websites, the development of a quality assurance programme and building improved links with European Clubs.


The insurance session was attended by representatives from AA Uganda; EA 911, Botswana and AA Tanzania. The session agreed upon a report that will serve as a blue print for Clubs that are looking to provide insurance services to their members. While the work of the insurance working group was concluded, moderators Zippy Musyimi from AA Kenya and Kevin Deyzel from AA South Africa will continue to offer their guidance to Clubs that are looking to enter this market.




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