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FIA Region I reviews youth’s ideas about future mobility solutions

Publication date: 27 April 2016

FIA Region I took part in the ThinkGoodMobility initiative as a member of the jury board which reviewed the young people’s ideas for addressing modern mobility challenges and adapting to future transport trends.


The “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge” gave a voice to the people who might shape the future of mobility, Millennials. From October 15 2015 till March 30 2016, university students across Europe were invited to share their ideas on how to address future mobility trends and challenges such as congestion, sustainability, urban pollution, interconnectivity, population growth and road safety towards 2025.


The ThinkGoodMobility jury was really pleased with the level of thought, quality and creativity that was put into the applications. Participants concentrated on eco-friendliness and smart safety technologies as essential for future mobility solutions. They demonstrated a lot of support for the adoption of flexible transport systems, autonomous vehicles, smart applications, virtual mobility systems and sustainable city management.


The winner of the challenge will be announced on 23 May 2016.

More information about the “ThinkGoodMobility Challenge”

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