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FIA Region I represents consumers at vehicle manufacturer event on connectivity

Publication date: 07 December 2016

FIA Region I represented the perspective of road users at the ACEA conference ‘Smart cars, driven by data’ on 4 December 2016. The conference focussed on presenting the car industry’s vision for sharing car data in a controlled and secure manner. ACEA, representing vehicle manufacturers, presented a joint concept with CLEPA, the automotive suppliers association, whereby some of the car data gathered on proprietary servers, designed by the manufacturer, could be transferred to a neutral server, which would then grant access to third party service providers. This solution would allow some service providers to access vehicle data based on consumer choice, however fails to give unfettered access to the in-vehicle data to those service providers. In effect, data would transit via two different servers before reaching third party service providers, which would significantly increase systems costs.

Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General, said “Independent service providers need safe and secure access to in-vehicle data on equal footing with vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. If their direct competitors can decide which data can be accessed and when, the potential for innovation will be limited and consumers will not fully benefit from their connected cars. ”

FIA Region I reminded the audience that vehicles are still paid and driven by people in a panel dedicated to data protection. While drivers are willing to embrace connectivity, they are also quite sensitive about data protection and hacking risks. FIA members recently unveiled some current security issues, for example the ability to access two million vehicles with a smartphone. They have also demonstrated security vulnerabilities when it comes to mileage readings and keyless entry systems.

In addition to ensuring security, he insisted that third party service providers should get access to in-vehicle data to get direct access and the same quality of data as manufacturers. He also believed that third party providers should not be required to pay several times for this access. The European Commission’s representative, Dirk Staudenmeyer, stated that policymakers are reflecting on whether there was a need for more regulation beyond the General Data Protection Regulation. The Commission was also keen on checking whether the automotive sector needed specific legislation.




FIA Region I video on consumer principles for access to data and your car



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