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European Road Safety Day: Ecodriving is not only more ecological, it is also safer

Publication date: 25 July 2012

Cypriot World Rally Championship driver Spyros Pavlides testing the ecodriving simulator.

The 4th European Road Safety Day "Active Involvement of Youth in Road Safety" conference was held today by the European Commission, the Cyprus Presidency of the Council of the European Union and the Cyprus Youth Organisation for Road Safety, REACTION. Representatives of youth groups and road safety officials from all EU countries and neighbouring regions were invited to participate.

As part of the FIA’s work with the EU ECOWILL (Ecodriving Wide-spread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers) project, the FIA (with the support of eSafetyAware) provided an ecodriving simulator for the public to test their ecodriving skills at the event. Cypriot World Rally Championship driver Spyros Pavlides was also on hand to compete against many of the young participants invited.

Gabriel Simcic, FIA Region I Project Manager, gave a presentation to the delegates on the important benefits of ecodriving. These include 10-15% fuel reductions, and possible cost savings of up to 300 Euros per year. But not only does ecodriving reduce emissions, it is also considered to be a less stressful, and safer driving style.

Mr Simcic also outlined the key rules of good ecodriving:

• Anticipating the traffic flow;
• Maintaining a steady speed at low RPM;
• Shifting gears up early;
• Checking tyre pressure regularly, and;
• Refraining from using extra energy by using air conditioning and other electrical equipment wisely.

For more on ECOWILL, please go to:

Delegates testing the ecodriving simulator for themselves.

Youth delegates at the meeting in Cyprus.




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