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European Parliament election programme - Mobility 2014

Publication date: 16 January 2014

Daily mobility is a key factor for European economic growth as citizens need dependable ways to commute in urban and rural areas alike. Ensuring reliable mobility is the responsibility of policymakers and it can only be successful with careful planning and a long-term vision. In the upcoming European Parliament elections, voters need to know the future of mobility in Europe.


Ahead of the European elections, European motorists call on decision-makers to:

  • Ensure smooth development of future car connectivity, while fully respecting motorists’ freedom of choice and safeguarding conditions for effective competition in the aftermarket

  • Create the right conditions for the deployment of cleaner vehicle technologies and fostering user awareness via dedicated European projects

  • Offer life-long learning opportunities for all road users, with specific focus on vulnerable groups

  • Nominate a yearly road safety ambassador to support the EU road safety policy

  • Ensure that motoring remains affordable via liberalised aftermarket for visible spare parts and stricter control for odometer tampering

  • Invest European funds and earmarking taxation revenue to properly maintain the road infrastructure to safeguard Europe’s growth and high levels of road safety

Visit the campaign website

Download the pdf, web-view (514.5 KB)

Download the pdf, print-view (553 KB)

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