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European Parliament endorses multimodal integrated ticketing

Publication date: 09 July 2015

On 7 July, the European Parliament voted to endorse a report calling on the Commission to initiate the first steps towards multimodal integrated ticketing within the EU.

With multimodal integrated ticketing, EU residents could benefit from seamless door-to-door travel by different modes of transport as well as integrated ticketing. For example, multimodal ticketing would allow a traveller to purchase a single ticket that would be valid for a trip that covers ferry, train, bus and public transport in the destination city. It removes the confusion of trying to synchronise timetables and the need to figure out different fares when abroad.

The Committee on Transport and Tourism (TRAN) developed the own-initiative report to prioritise issue with the Commission. It calls on the Commission to circulate a proposal requiring all providers to make available, on fair and equal terms, all the information needed for putting in place more comprehensive ticketing and travel information services. However, it notes that the Commission should confine its role to creating a framework and avoid regulating on technological aspects.

FIA Region I supports the optimisation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) for the benefit of travellers. By using adequate traffic data with consistent multimodal travel planners and ticketing, citizens can be prompted to better assess each mode and, ultimately, make the right choice for their mobility needs.





Read the European Parliament's briefing on multimodal integrated ticketing

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