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Euro NCAP Best in Class cars of 2015

Publication date: 10 January 2016

On 13 January 2016, Euro NCAP revealed the Best in Class cars of 2015. The new full-width frontal test had a significant influence on the fitment of rear seatbelt pre-tensioners and load-limiters across all sectors and autonomous braking technology continues to become more widespread. The ratings showed a marked difference between newer cars that have been developed with the latest safety technologies and older vehicles, whose safety has not been updated and which now lag behind the leaders.

The car with the best overall performance of 2015, was Volvo’s XC90. Additional vehicles that achieved exceptional results include: the Mercedes-Benz GLC; the Jaguar XE; the Toyota Avensis and the Infiniti Q30. Two superminis gave strong overall safety performance: the Honda Jazz and the Suzuki Vitara.

Cars from Germany, Sweden, Japan and the UK are amongst the class leaders of 2015. 2016 brings new challenges as Euro NCAP introduces an assessment of AEB Pedestrian systems. Some cars, mostly in premium ranges, already have this technology and should be well placed to lead the ever-improving safety of tomorrow’s car fleet.

See the full results on Euro NCAP's website

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