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EU road safety targets threatened by mixed results in 2014 road death figures

Publication date: 24 March 2015

On 24 March, the European Commissioner of Transport, Violeta Bulc announced the EU road safety statistics for last year. In 2014, there were a total of 25,700 road deaths across all 28 Member States of the EU. Although road fatality figures differ widely among Member States, notably France, the UK and Sweden cited increases in the number of road deaths, while Croatia, Finland, Luxembourg and Malta showed the largest number of decreases. The figures indicate only a 1% improvement since last year, meaning that significantly more effort will be needed from Member State governments in order to reach the Commission's goal to halve the number of road deaths between 2010 and 2020.

Jacob Bangsgaard, FIA Region I Director General said: "Europe has come a long way to improve its road safety record. If we are to remain a world leader in this area, further efforts are clearly needed. Achieving the European Commission's target of halving the number of road deaths by 2020 requires programmes for better driver education, ensuring that vehicles are safe and that the road infrastructure is secure. It means putting 5-star drivers in 5-star vehicles on 5-star roads. I hope that these results will serve as a wakeup call and remind national governments to put the necessary time and investment into saving the lives of road users."

Prior to this announcement, figures had been cited by FIA Region I Clubs in the UK and France indicating national increases in road deaths, hinting at today's announcement. FIA Region I urges national governments across the EU to prioritise road safety and to use these figures as a signal that EU needs to renew its efforts. Following these results, the upcoming revisions of the General Safety of Motor Vehicles Regulation should be used as an opportunity to introduce strict vehicle safety requirements and state-of-the-art in-vehicle safety technologies. The revision of the Directives on infrastructure and tunnel safety should also bring concrete measures to improve the quality of the road network.




European Commission press release on 2014 road safety figures

Health Check: Roadmap To Road Safety 2020

pdf Download the Roadmap To Road Safety Briefing Paper (735 KB)


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