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EU policymakers voice support for the sharing economy in mobility

Publication date: 03 June 2015

On 2 June 2015, top EU policymakers endorsed the sharing economy as a positive disruptive force in the EU.

MEP Michael Cramer, Chairman of the European Parliament Transport & Tourism Committee, emphasised that the sharing economy can have multiple benefits in terms of air quality, climate change, safety and affordability, especially in urban areas. He stated that the European Parliament’s role is to foster the deployment of intelligent transport systems (ITS) by providing a framework to allow for transport sharing technologies to operate seamlessly across the European Union.

Representing the European Commissioner for Transport’s cabinet, Nikolaus von Peter expressed the many benefits of the sharing economy such as, lowering costs, creating new markets and fostering Europe’s innovation. He warned that legislation from the EU Institutions is necessary to ensure fair market competition and consumer protection in the sharing economy.

Representatives from industry and NGOs were also present, indicating how the sharing economy in mobility could influence wider societal trends and lead to more people going carless or optimising underused resources such as personal vehicles and parking spaces.

The Forum for Mobility & Society hosted this breakfast debate in Brussels.

Read more about the event

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