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eSafetyAware and Schumacher support UAMK Road Safety Day

Michael Schumacher was the star attraction for UAMK’s Road Safety Day in Prague today (28 June 2012). Over 15,000 people gathered in Prague’s Wenceslas Square to listen to the seven-time F1 champion who was joined by eSafetyAware and FIA President, Jean Todt, to highlight the life-saving potential of the latest road safety technologies. Also present were representatives of the Czech Government and the President of the Czech Automobile Club UAMK, Oldřich Vaníček.

The huge event, the first of its kind to be staged in the historic heart of the Czech capital, saw large crowds involved in a host of road safety activities. These included the promotion of the latest vehicle safety technologies in a specialised eSafety truck, a motorised sled that encourages seat-belt use by simulating the feeling of being involved in a road traffic accident, a rollover crash simulator, and a showcase of roadside accident assistance services.

In his message to the packed crowd, Schumacher encouraged people to buy cars with eSafety technologies on board: “For all you young people who are sometimes maybe feeling a little overconfident on the road, you should think about who else is out there at the same time – pedestrians and other drivers,” he said. “We need to look after them as well as ourselves."

“I would also like to say that these days we have cars with so much electronic equipment that helps with safety, and sometimes maybe you think you don’t need that,” he added. “But I always wish to have this. For me, it makes me go quicker!

"But that sort of driving is for the race track," he continued. "On public roads these systems are there to make sure we don’t lose control of the car. They can help all of us. So, whenever you go to buy a new car please think about these electronic devices – they are there to help you and the people around you.”

President Todt reminded the Czech public that road safety is the concern of everyone and advocated the adoption of the FIA’s 10 Golden Rules for Safer Motoring.

The Mercedes F1 driver, the FIA President and President Vaníček were then given a tour of some of the road traffic accident simulators on show and later attended a press conference to mark the UAMK’s Road Safety Day.

There, Schumacher told media representatives that no matter how skilled a driver you are there is always room for improvement.

“I’m lucky in that I know a little bit about how to drive but still I know there is always potential to improve safety on the roads, through awareness, better driving skills and also very simple things such as safety belt use," he explained. "These are very simple ways of improving our lives and the lives of others.

“I think the FIA has taken the initiative on this with its 10 Golden Rules, which gives you some very simple guidelines on how to drive safely,” he added.

“There is one golden rule for me and that is when you get in our car your first action must be to put on your safety belt. Without doing this I would feel naked in the car.”




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