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FIA Region I contributes to the ERF Symposium

Publication date: 19 June 2014

On 18 June 2014, FIA Region I participated in the ERF Symposium held in Brussels. The theme of the event was “Road Infrastructure Challenges”, tackling issues such as road safety, sustainability, intelligent transport systems, financing and innovation. Moreover, the symposium gave an opportunity to the public to discover the latest institutional and market developments presented by speakers and panellists attending the event.

On behalf of FIA Region I, Laurianne Krid gave an overview of the potential benefits of ITS for society through concentrating on the drivers for the technologies from a consumers’ perspective, and, at the same time, addressing the needs in terms of infrastructure and data.

Based on a recent study carried out in the framework of the iMobility Challenge, it is possible to gain insights on consumer awareness of existing safety systems, their experience with them and, more importantly, their willingness to pay for such systems when they buy their next car. The FIA stressed the importance of collaboration between the different parts of the system and the specific needs on the infrastructure side. However, infrastructure improvements must be made without ignoring the need for a level of standardisation and security to ensure interoperability and prevent the systems from being hacked.

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