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Electric Vehicle charging points inaugurated at different European Commission sites

Publication date: 19 June 2012

European Commission Vice-President Siim Kallas and Commissioner Gunther Oettinger today inaugurated charging points for electric vehicles at different European Commission sites. About 11,000 electric vehicles were sold in the EU in 2011. The charging stations unveiled today are part of the EU electromobility demonstration project called "Green eMotion" and they can be used by European officials and visitors.

Green eMotion is a large-scale European e-mobility demonstration project, launched within the EU's Green Cars initiative. The four-year project started in March 2011. It has a total budget of € 42 million, € 24 million of which is funded by the European Commission. More on:

The European Commission considers electromobility to be a cornerstone in the comprehensive fuel mix which could provide sustainable energy for transport beyond oil and facilitate integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid. The European Commission estimates that electric vehicles can save up to 30% of CO2 emissions compared to conventional petrol or diesel vehicles and that this advantage will steadily grow with an increasing share of renewable energy source.

But one of the barriers for market uptake of electric vehicles is the range limitation of these vehicles. An adequate coverage of charging stations will be necessary to ensure consumer acceptance for this new type of sustainable mobility.

Jacob Bangsgaard, Director General of the FIA Region I office, was present for the inauguration and said “Raising consumer awareness will be vital for the uptake of these new technologies. But consumers will not shift to electric vehicles if the right infrastructure is not in place. A range of stakeholders including car manufacturers, battery producers, energy suppliers and distributors, and of course politicians, will have to work together to make the transition to electric vehicles successful. What the Commission is doing here today is one step towards improving the infrastructure in place for electric vehicles and we hope that many others we follow this good example for their employees.”

The Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) Region I office, based in Brussels, represents 36 million motorists via its 106 Automobile Clubs.

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