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ECOWILL: ecodriving project assesses its EU impact

Publication date: 08 April 2013

The final meeting of the ECOWILL project (Ecodriving – Wide-spread Implementation for Learners and Licensed Drivers) was held on 4-5 April 2013, at the FIA Region I office in Brussels. The meeting brought together 30 representatives of the project’s 15 partners from all over Europe. It was also attended by Olav Luyckx, European Commission Project Officer for ECOWILL, as the project is 75% funded by the European Commission.


The ECOWILL project was launched May 2010 with the aim of reducing carbon emission and fuel consumption through increasing the use of ecodriving across Europe. Ecodriving, also known as ‘modern driving’ or ‘smarter driving’, refers to a more energy-efficient style of driving, which is at the same time safer. The project rolled out short duration (as opposed to conventional full day training) ecodriving training programs for licensed drivers in 13 European countries. This formula allows for a massive roll-out of trainings to both learner and licensed drivers.


Reinhard Jellinek, from the Austrian energy agency (AEA) coordinating the project, noted that the success of ECOWILL was not only the roll-out of thousands of short duration training courses throughout the project’s lifespan. In fact a network of ECOWILL training instructors is now in place across Europe to continue delivering driver trainings courses, and the certified ECOWILL training method has obtained international recognition that will help the impact of ECOWILL project to continue after the project’s end.

The FIA was instrumental throughout the project for dissemination and communication efforts, notably through the involvement of ECOWILL at a number international events, the involvement of Automobile Clubs, and raising the profile of ecodriving across Europe through media activities.


For more on the ECOWILL project and the ECOWILL training infrastructure, please go to:

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