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Compass4D continues in 2016

Publication date: 05 October 2015

Compass4D, the EU co-funded project to implement, operate and evaluate three Cooperative-Intelligent Transport System (C-ITS) services  in seven European cities, will end in December 2015. However, the Consortium has decided to continue operating the C-ITS services, without EU co-funding, for at least one more year with the ultimate goal of moving from pilot to large scale deployment for a self-sustained market.


Project coordinator, Giacomo Somma, ERTICO – ITS Europe, said: “We have good project results and a huge commitment from all Compass4D partners, so we decided to continue the services for at least one year to solve the last remaining issues and be better prepared for large scale deployment and up-scaling. Continuing this activity without funding from the European Union is a unique decision and very much demonstrates the strong engagement of both public and private stakeholders and their trust in the role of cooperative ITS services to achieve strategic targets of safer and cleaner mobility and impact the road transport market” he added.


FIA Region I is a Consortium member of Compass4D.

Learn more at the Compass4D website


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