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Club news: TACI launches the Winter Roadside Assistance Scheme 2014 across Iran

Publication date: 30 January 2014

The Touring & Automobile Club of the Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI) is participating in a winter roadside assistance scheme to improve road safety. The programme includes 26 thousand fixed and mobile roadside assistance teams. These teams will be constantly available on 110 snowy roads and mountain passes across 27 Iranian provinces from 11 December 2013 until 11 March 2014. 30 helicopters from the traffic police will also be mobilised for driver assistance.

As a member of the FIA, TACI is working in support of the "Action for Road Safety" campaign, which the United Nations adopted and is a high priority of the FIA President, Jean Todt.

In this regard, Dr. Safikhani, the President of TACI, also acknowledged the authorities involved in the winter scheme 2014. The scheme was also emphasised in the statement of the Iranian Supreme Leader's speech addressing the officials involved on the last Nowruz Scheme (New Year 2013). One of the main goals and tasks of TACI is to provide outreach and rescue services to all Iranians and foreign tourists.

Dr. Safikhani, discussing the execution of this year's winter scheme, said: ‘The Roadside Assistance of TACI is believes in the slogan "Together with the traffic police, along with the people, toward Action for Road Safety". We support these values with 600 mobile rescue teams, 550 light rescue vehicles, 50 semi-heavy and super heavy rescue vehicles, with 920 rescuers in 31 provinces and 110 roads and mountain passes, to provide the rescue operations.’

The President of TACI added: ‘For benefit from and use of rescue services nationwide, as well as getting the Iranian Comprehensive Tourism Information, drivers can dial 09669 and 0216423 24-hours a day.’

The winter scheme 2014 is a cooperative activity with 97 thousand members from Iranian organisations, including the traffic police, the Road Maintenance & Transportation Organisation, the Relief and Rescue Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, the Disaster and Emergency Medical Management Center, the Saipa Automobile Manufacturing Group, and the Roadside Assistance Department of TACI.

Operations are running smoothly with the cooperation of all organisations involved, the media and the people to minimise road disasters and accidents in Iran.

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