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Club news: Lifetime ban awaits reckless drivers in Tanzania

Publication date: 07 February 2014

Improving road safety in Tanzania needs a radical approach and the authorities are aiming to make bold moves to achieve results, reports AA Tanzania. Starting this year, reckless drivers that have been violating road safety regulations will be faced with a lifetime ban of their driver’s licence.

The new system uses a point system and each driver is given 15 points. The points will be deducted each time a driver is involved in an accident.

Mohamed Mpinga, Deputy Commissioner of Police said, “There are already amendments to some sections in the traffic regulations and the new system will be implemented as soon as the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs approves it. There are already countries which use this system and they have substantially reduced the number of accidents and traffic cases.”

Statistics show that road accidents have increased by 1.1% between 2012 and 2013, costing the lives of 4,002 people another 20,689 were injured. With these undeniable figures in mind, the Traffic Police Division had no choice but to take radical measures to reduce the number of accidents and punish reckless drivers violating road safety regulations. Concerns remain as to whether there are enough officers to supervise this new regulation.

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