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Club news: Brussels government finally synchronises traffic lights

Publication date: 07 February 2014

The Brussels government approved an initiative to synchronise traffic lights on 3 February 2014. The Belgian Motoring Club, Touring, supports this long overdue legislation. An estimated 2.5 million hours have been wasted each year due to poor synchronisation of traffic lights.

Touring released a statement saying, “After several years of inaction by previous governments, finally, public authorities have recognised the importance of traffic light synchronisation.”

Several times, Touring has assessed the traffic lights on the main roads in the Brussels Region. Results have shown that only a quarter of traffic lights are synchronised. Drivers lose 30% more time when driving on roads where traffic lights timed to change together. International studies show that an average of 400 crossroads wrongly synchronised lead to a loss of 2,500,000 hours. The CO2 emissions increase by 3 fold and fine particles CO and NOx by 10% and 6% respectively.”

On the main roads in Brussels, it is essential to adapt traffic lights to improve traffic flow in the sense of the traffic during rush hours. Currently, cars start at the first traffic light to be stopped at the second one 100 meters further. Consequently, the crossroads become blocked.

The launch of the new system is a step in the right direction, but it lags 30 years behind neighbouring countries.

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