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Club news: Barcelona launches electric scooter sharing with smartCEM

Publication date: 04 April 2014

Bringing electric mobility to consumers, the smartCEM pilot site in Barcelona officially launched an electric scooter sharing project to encourage public acceptance of electric two-wheelers. The relatively low level of commitment from users is a key aspect of this project, as it allows for a no obligation trial of electric vehicles.

A launch event for the smartCEM project was hosted by project partner Reial Automňbil Club de Catalunya (RACC) on 2 April. Stakeholders met at the RACC headquarters to discuss the goals of the smartCEM project: Electric Vehicle sharing, navigation and (post-trip) efficient driving. In Barcelona, the project will be aiming to increase user acceptance of e-scooters through smartCEM services. The decision to focus on electronic scooters is related to local conditions in Barcelona, where one out of three vehicles is a motorcycle.


Presentations and videos from the event

In the coming months pilot sites throughout Europe will be launching their own electric vehicle projects.

About smartCEM
In the project smartCEM (Smart Connected Electro Mobility), four European cities/regions (Barcelona, Gipuzkoa-San Sebastian, Newcastle and Reggio Emilia) have come together to demonstrate the role of ICT solutions to overcome the limitations of electro mobility for cities and citizens. The project places emphasis on the sharing, navigating and efficient driving of electric vehicles, while also increasing user acceptance of electric mobility. The project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community. 

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