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ANWB offers a better way to re-charge electric vehicles

Published on: 12 December 2013

In the Netherlands, the ANWB has been active setting up electric vehicle charging stations at top locations along the motorway, such as LaPlace, Hajé and van der Valk. These locations receive daily visits by electric vehicle users. Since recharging takes longer than refilling with gas or diesel, the ANWB have made sure to that their recharging stations have access, not only to restaurants for lunches and dinners, but also to services like hotels and business meeting facilities. Even though the motorist needs to stay longer at the charging station, his or her time is not wasted and they leave the station with a sufficient charge to reach the next destination.


Last month, the ANWB opened twelve charging points at five locations with additional facilities. The chargers are open to everyone with a charging card in the Netherlands. The cards of different providers have been made interoperable so even if a motorist has a different charging card than the ANWB card, it is still possible to use the charging stations. For now, electric cars are an interesting option for businesses to purchase because of financial advantages that are given to electric cars in the Netherlands.


It’s important for the ANWB to contribute to the spread of innovation and cleaner car technologies. Although they are not encouraging members to start driving electric vehicles, they aim to show that an electric vehicle is increasingly becoming a dependable mobility option. If members, one day, choose to go electric, they will know that the ANWB is an expert in that too.


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