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Club news: The AMSS launches e-Test – A children’s guide on being safe on the road

Publication date: 27 March 2014

AMSS has designed the educational, online e-Test, which is intended for 5th to 8th grade pupils in elementary schools. It is especially dedicated to those students who are practising and preparing for the annual AMSS traffic education contest, What do you know about traffic?. The e-test’s usefulness goes beyond contest participants: it is also aimed at all children. Parents will also benefit by being able to check, practise and reinforce knowledge about road safety, together with their children.

Each test contains 10 questions: 7 questions concerning traffic rules, 1 question dealing with solving real-world situations at intersections and 2 questions concerning the knowledge of road signs. There are 500 questions at the moment and a large number of possible combinations in each of test. When filling in the test, information indicating whether the question was answered correctly or incorrectly is shown, also giving at the same time an explanation about the correct answer.

As a socially responsible organisation, AMSS has prepared the e-tests in Serbian, in both Cyrillic and Latin versions. Moreover, e-tests have been also made in Croatian, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian and Ruthenian languages so that they could be available to all the pupils of various national minorities living in Serbia.

This year, What do you know about traffic? will have its 45th jubilee edition and will gather more than 200,000 competitors from over 1,000 elementary schools from all over Serbia. The contest is intended for the education of the youngest pupils and getting them ready for safely participating in traffic. In the next two months, these children will show their theory and practical knowledge from the field of road safety. The top four pupils will represent Serbia and AMSS in Norway in September, defending the European Champion title from last year’s European Traffic Education Contest.

Visit the e-Test on the AMSS website

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