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Club news: 50,000 members benefit from BIHAMK’s roadside assistance

Publication date: 27 February 2014

The results of BIHAMK’s survey in January 2014 reveal that the Club has successfully resolved 50,000 member breakdowns. These incidents were managed with the help of the Club’s own 40 patrol cars or through collaboration with one of their 110 partners.

When analysing the outcome of the statistics, BIHMAK noticed that one of their members, Lejla Čengić shared her personal experience with the Club’s road patrolmen.

Ms. Čengić said, “When returning from a trip to the mountain, Bjelasnica, I stopped at an exit near Sarajevo, but then my car would not start. I contacted BIHAMK at their emergency number. The courteous dispatcher took all of our information, and within 20 minutes the patrol team found us. The mechanic was very friendly, the cause of the breakdown was quickly resolved, and we happily continued home”. After this event, she realised how important it is to be a member of the Automobile Club, as well as owning a BIHAMK loyalty card.

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