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Club news: UAMK offers support to cyclists

Publication date: 02 September 2015

For the summer of 2015, The Czech Automobile Club, UAMK, has come up with a new service specifically targeted at cyclists. The membership package is called CykloAsist, and it consists of services similar to those provided to motorists.

Roman Turza, UAMK´s strategic development director explains: “We wanted to show the public that we are capable of providing quality assistance services not only to car users, but that we seriously think about the alternative and modern trends in mobility and tourism, too.“

For start, Czech cyclists have a choice of two plans, Basic and Plus, which differ in the scope of services included. Besides classic assistance services, CykloAsist offers non-stop dispatching centre support, travel information targeted to cyclists, UAMK´s national and international discount programmes, and a user-friendly mobile app with all the services “at hand”.

In addition, a completely new internet portal with a dedicated member section and functions has been launched in order to start building a living cycling member community under the UAMK brand. The website shall become a useful tool, when planning cycle trips, sharing own photos and experience or searching for advice.



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