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Club news: SMC offers free Advanced Riders’ Training for owners of new motorcycles

Publication date: 08 June 2016

In April 2016, a 12% increase in the number of newly registered motorcycles was noted, in comparison to the same period previous year. While more and more Swedes seem to have discovered to joy of riding on two wheels, statistics show that drivers with newly acquired motorcycles are at a much greater risk of accidents in comparison to those, who have owned their vehicle for at least a year. The cause of accidents is often a lack of sufficient riding skills and knowledge. In an attempt to battle this issue, the Swedish Motorcyclists Association (SMC), in cooperation with the motorcycle industry, is inviting all buyers of new motorcycles to attend a specially dedicated riders’ training course in SMC school free of charge.


”Modern motorcycles have developed to a level we hardly thought was possible a few years ago, when phenomena as wobble was still discussed among motorcyclists. Now there are chassis, tires, safety systems, ABS and traction control that makes riding safer and even more fun than before. It´s not the motorcycles that cause accidents. It´s the humans and human errors. When we learn to handle the amazing bikes we ride, we can enjoy them to 100 percent” says Jesper Christensen, General Secretary at SMC.


Following this logic, SMC and the motorcycle producers in Sweden have adopted a comprehensive traffic safety strategy. Everyone who buys a new motorcycle from the most common brand, gets a road safety education course with SMC, one of the largest motorcycle organisations in the world concerned with riders’ education. The manufacturers, which take part in this collaboration, are: BMW, Indian, Victory, Yamaha, Ducati, Piaggio, Moto Guzzi, Vespa, Honda and Triumph.


Read more on the SMC website (in Swedish):,c2020079




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