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Club news: SMC fund gives Swedish motorcyclists a second chance

Publication date: 06 October 2015

In 1996, the Swedish Motorcyclists Association SMC started a fund for the rehabilitation of injured riders. Over time, to the fund has raised €170,000. All SMC members who have crashed in a motorcycle accident, were sober at the moment of the crash, had a valid driving license and were riding an insured and approved bike, can apply for rehabilitation money from the fund.

SMC has given many motorcyclists help, for example to modify a motorcycle, to go on rehabilitation trips and much more, support that cannot be received from society or from insurance companies. The total amount that’s been distributed by SMC is €150,000.

In 2008, SMC started a legal fund where members can ask for money to get legal support in issues that are of interest to SMC and all Swedish motorcyclists. The current amount of the SMC legal fund is about €60,000.

Furthermore, in honour of one of SMC's most appreciated instructors, Ezzo, who died in a tragic accident in 2011, SMC started another fund. In memory of Ezzo, this fund aims to support young riders, and every year SMC has given money to individuals or projects for youngsters.


Photo left: Anita was sitting behind Lars in an accident and had to amputate one leg. They have stopped riding motorcycles. Instead, they have started riding special bicycles. The SMC rehab fund sponsored the electric assistance for Anita's bicycle - so she can ride with one leg.
Photo on top: Ezzo, who was an excellent rider and instructor of SMC.

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