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Club news: SMC brings motorcycles and ITS together

Publication date: 22 November 2016

Can motorcycles share the roads with automated cars? This was the theme for the annual FIM Dinner Debate in Brussels on 19 October. Representatives from the motorcycling community, industry and EU decision-makers exchanged views over the future interaction between automated vehicles and powered two-wheelers, stressing the need to make roads safer for all modes of transport. During the evening, the FIM announced its intention to join the Connected Motorcycle Consortium (CMC).

Jesper Christensen, General Secretary of SMC and FIM Public Affairs Commission Director, said, "It is important to understand that we probably can develop an electronically safe zone around the motorcycle in the future, which will save a remarkably high number of lives. This, combined with riders’ training and motorcycle Vision-Zero Infrastructure, will help motorcycling to become very safe. Motorcycling will be able to grow, owing to a safer environment based on connected and automated cars. That is why the FIM intends to join the Connected Motorcycle Consortium."

SMC is working in many fields to improve safety for motorcyclists, one of them is advanced training. In 2016, SMC offered everyone that bought a new motorcycle in Sweden free advanced training. This offer was accepted by nine motorcycle producers. SMC will continue this initiative in 2017.

In the photo: Mr Jesper Christensen (FIM Public Affairs Commission Director) and Mr Hennes Fischer (Yamaha Motor Europe)

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